Title: "Upgrades"
Original Air Date: 07/14/2000
Written By: David Rich
Director: Martin Wood

Colonel Jack O'Neill: Richard Dean Anderson
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Michael Shanks
Major Samantha Carter: Amanda Tapping
Teal'c: Christopher Judge
General George Hammond: Don S. Davis
Dr. Janet Frasier: Teryl Rothery

Guest Cast
Anise/Freya: Vanessa Angel
Sergeant Siler: Dan Shea
Waitress: Kristina Copeland
Big Guy: Frank Topol
Technician #1: Bill Nikolai
Technician #2: Laara Sadiq
SF #1: Daniel Melles
SF #2: Tracy Westerholm
Jaffa Commander: Fraser Attcheson
Jaffa: Shawn Reis

"Upgrades" is the third episode of the fourth season. The SGC is visited by the Tok'ra scientist, Anise, who has discovered alien armbands that supposedly give the wearers increased strength. However, the design of the armbands prevents those with symbiotes from wearing them, so she has come to the Tau'ri for assistance.

Jack, Sam, and Daniel are the test subjects for the experiment. The three see a dramatic enhancement of their strength, speed, sight, and accuracy. They are all very happy with their new abilities- Daniel likes being able to read really quickly, Sam has written a thousand-page book on wormhole theory that she's never had time to do, and Jack wants to use his powers against the Goa'uld.

Anise and Janet monitor their vital signs. Although Anise does not see any problems with the changes in the subjects' bodies, Janet discovers that the armbands release an unknown virus into the bloodstream. The effects of the virus on the team may be damaging, so she requests that they be taken off. Hammond orders SG-1 to remove the armbands, but the accessories will not come off. The three are confined to the base.

Bored and hungry, Jack, Sam, and Daniel use their speed to sneak out of the base and go to a local bar. Piling up on four steaks each, they then get into a brawl with some civilians. Hammond, of course, is furious, and doesn't understand why the armbands have made SG-1 dumber. Janet informs him that if SG-1 continues to use the armbands, their organs will eventually fail since the human body cannot withstand long-term use of them.

Anise, having spoken to the Tok'ra High Council, tells Hammond that the Tok'ra have discovered Apophis is currently building a new type of ship. They cannot allow him to complete it, and Hammond realizes that the Tok'ra have manipulated the situation so that SG-1 can use the armbands to destroy the ship. Even though Hammond does not approve a mission, Jack, Sam, and Daniel go to Apophis's base on their own, leaving Teal'c behind.

Inside, Daniel goes after Naquadah while Jack and Sam plant C4 in the base's cooling system. They have to pass through forcefields using their speed. As the two finish, they meet up with a tired-looking Daniel. They're leaving, but then Daniel collapses on the ground, and his armband falls off.

Meanwhile, Anise and Janet have discovered that SG-1's bodies were producing antibodies to the virus. The armbands will fall off on their own, and because of the antibodies, the team won't be able to use the armbands again.

As Jack and Sam try to wake Daniel up, Jaffa approach. Fortunately, Teal'c has followed SG-1 through, and he blasts the enemies. Teal'c takes Daniel and heads towards the exit. Jack and Sam follow, but before they can make it out, Sam runs into a forcefield and falls back, her armband coming off as she becomes unconscious. Jack, on the other side of the forcefield, tries to go back for her, but he, too, runs into the field and falls, his own armband coming off. He is also unconscious.

Teal'c and Daniel are at the exit when they realize Jack and Sam aren't there. They are about to go back, but they run into a forcefield. They can only wait, refusing to leave their friends behind.

Jack and Sam awaken. Sam tells him he has to leave, but he won't without her. He tries to bust open the control panel to the shield, but is unsuccessful. They hear Jaffa coming towards Sam. However, the C4 goes off, and the whole base shakes. The forcefields collapse, and the two make their way to the exit.

With Teal'c leading and taking care of the Jaffa, Daniel, Jack, and Sam follow. They manage to make it through the Stargate just before the entire base explodes. Back at the SGC, they inform Hammond that they destroyed Apophis's ship. Although Hammond says they will not be court-martialed for disobeying orders, Jack, Daniel, and Sam apologize anyway.

Anise says they left the armbands behind. Sam, a little snippy, tells her they had other things on their mind. As Jack leaves, Freya says that she and Anise hope to work with him again.