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Stargate SG-1 is a science fiction TV series. The Stargate is a piece of alien technology that was discovered on Earth. It has the ability to transport people across galaxies to other planets. Stargate Command, a classified section of the United States Air Force, is in charge of sending teams through the Stargate to discover alien technology that can help Earth defend itself against enemies (primarily the Goa'uld) and to learn more about alien cultures.

For seven years, General Jack O'Neill and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter were two of the four members of SG-1. They served together on the team as Colonel O'Neill and Captain/Major Carter until Season 8, when Jack's promotion to general took him off SG-1. Although colleagues at first, they become friends, though perhaps not in the general "friendship" sense, since there are military ranks and protocol between them. Nevertheless, despite their personality differences, they get along, and over the years, their relationship has developed erratically to where it is now - an irritatingly nebulous state. They are neither lovers (that we know of, anyway), nor are they just "co-workers" or friends. The United States Air Force regulations prohibited them from taking their relationship any further for many years, but they admitted their romantic feelings for each other as early as Season 4's "Divide and Conquer." However, nothing came of this, and they left their confessions "in the room."

In Season 7, Sam, believing that her feelings for Jack were perhaps not genuine, tried to move on. However, "The Lost City" clearly indicated that she still had strong feelings for him. Sam became engaged to her boyfriend in Season 8, but by the season's end, she had broken off that engagement. Although she attempted to confess her feelings to Jack, she never really got around to that, with her father's sudden death; Jacob, on his death bed, encouraged Sam to be happy and to act on her feelings for Jack. Jack, meanwhile, had also tried to move on in Season 8, but his new girlfriend ended their relationship after recognizing Jack and Sam's feelings for each other.

Currently, Jack is no longer a regular on the Stargate SG-1 TV series- at the beginning of Season 9, with the end of the Goa'uld, he was transferred to Washington, D.C. At the same time, SG-1 was also disbanded. However, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell regrouped the team, and Sam continues to serve with Daniel and Teal'c as an SG-1 member, probably with Vala Mal Doran joining in Season 10. The writers, however, continued to tortured the viewers throughout Season 9 with hints of a potential Jack/Sam romance, without ever confirming or denying anything. Sam made comments to Agent Barrett that she was "not exactly" available, and when the alternate universe versions of SG-1 came through the stargate, at least two were married (one pregnant), though infuriatingly, the writers never mentioned who the two Sams' husbands were. However, given that in the three other main alternate universes, all the Sams and Jacks ended up together (Season 1's "There But For the Grace of God," Season 3's "Point of View," and Season 8's "Moebius"), the conclusion that both were married to Jack is not far-fetched (though it IS unsubstantiated).

As such, fanfiction for this pairing has a lot of fertile playing ground (though no pay-off as of yet... perhaps ever). But that is mostly why we write and read fanfiction - to see how the two characters interact the way we like, even if the series itself doesn't do the same. This fanlisting is for fans of fanfiction about Jack and Sam's relationship: general fanfiction, romantic fanfiction, and adult fanfiction. You don't have to be a fan of all three fanfic types, just at least one.

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