Stargate SG-1 6x21 "Prophecy"

Teal'c: Are you feeling unwell, Jonas Quinn?
Jonas: I'm fine, just, uh, it's hot.

Jack: Jonas?
Jonas: I need some air...
Sam: Jonas!

Jonas: I had a dizzy spell! It was probably the food.
Janet: Maybe, but I don't want to take any chances. I've scheduled a series of follow-up exams.

Sam: Hey, you want to get some lunch? It's Mexican today. What?
Jonas: I knew you were gonna say that.
Sam: What are you talking about?
Jonas: Before, when we were in the briefing room, I had a, I don't know, it was like a vision. I was standing here holding this notebook, you came in and said what you said.
Sam: When you think you're re-living a moment, it's called a déjà vu. It's normal. It... It's said to be caused by a split-second delay in sense perception.
Jonas: No, this was different. It was the same on the planet, I saw something, and it happened.
Sam: When?
Jonas: Just before I passed out. I didn't say anything because I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now it's happened twice.

Jonas: This is ridiculous.
Jack: Fraiser's just covering all the bases.
Jonas: Ah, something else has to be going on here. Whatever she saw in that MRI has to have something to do with these visions I'm having, I mean can't be just coincidence. What? You guys didn't believe me when I saw those alien creatures. They turned out to be real.
Jack: So you're seeing things before they happen?
Jonas: That's right.
Jack: Like what's for lunch?
Jonas: No, I can't control it, they're just flashes.
Teal'c: We have encountered many strange phenomena, Jonas Quinn, but we have yet to meet anyone that can see the future.
Sam: It goes against all the laws of physics as we understand it. Have you had any more?
Jack: Jonas?
Jonas: The Tok'ra are coming.
P.A.: Unscheduled off-world activation.
Sam: Another headache?
Jonas: Yeah.

Sam: Jonas, none of us had ever met that Tok'ra before. There's no way you could have known her name.
Jonas: I can't explain it. I saw her in the briefing room, General Hammond said her name, and then a few minutes later it happened. Teal'c said that you've never encountered aliens with precognitive abilities, right?
Sam: Yeah, we haven't.
Jonas: But we have come across other psychic powers.
Sam: On P3X-367.
Jonas: Wodan was telekinetic, Eggar was telepathic. Then there was Cassandra.
Sam: You think that Nirrti has something to do with this.
Jonas: It's very possible. She had me in that gene-splicing machine for over an hour. What if she did something to me?

Jonas: I'm not completely convinced that surgery is the right way to deal with this.
Janet: Jonas, it's going to kill you.
Jonas: You don't know that. We don't even know what it is!
Sam: Jonas and I have been discussing the possibility that this has something to do with Nirrti. That it's another step towards the creation of Hok'tar.
Janet: So you think this is the result of genetic manipulation?
Sam: Jonas thinks the new tissue in his brain is somehow giving him pre-cognitive abilities.
Janet: Well, for all I know you may be right. But that doesn't change the fact that if this tumor continues to grow at its current rate, it is still going to kill you.
Jonas: It may stabilize.
Jack: Nirrti never did anything to anyone that didn't turn out badly.
Jonas: Colonel, you of all people should realize what an advantage this could be. Imagine if we could know in advance when and where the next Goa'uld attack would come from.
Teal'c: You have yet to provide such valuable information.
Jonas: All I'm saying is just give me some more time. At least... forty-eight hours.
Hammond: Make it twenty-four, and you remain on-base for observation.
Jonas: What about the mission?
Hammond: You're going to sit this one out. Colonel, I want you to take the rest of SG-1 and SG-15 back to the planet for a full tactical assessment. If there's a real chance we can free these people from the Goa'uld, I want to know about it.
Jack: Yes, Sir.

Janet: Blood pressure's a little high. How are the headaches?
Jonas: Not good.
Janet: Jonas, why are you doing this?
Jonas: Even limited precognitive abilities would be invaluable to our work.
Janet: Hm. You still think you have to keep proving yourself, don't you? You know, you might want to consider the possibility that you're valuable enough already.

Jonas: It was a medical emergency. Major Carter was being rushed to the infirmary with what appeared to be a staff blast wound.
Teal'c: According to the villagers, we will not encounter any Jaffa for many days.
Jonas: Well, maybe they're wrong, or maybe they lied, we can't know for sure.
Sam: Well that's just it, Jonas, there's no way we can know. Maybe it's not even supposed to happen on this mission, it could be weeks from now.
Jonas: I don't think I can see that far ahead.
Sam: The point is we can't start second-guessing every decision. It's a calculated risk every time we step through that gate.
Hammond: I agree Major. However, until I have a better understanding of what's going on, I'd prefer to err on the side of caution.
Jack: Was anybody else hurt on this thing?
Jonas: I only saw Major Carter.
Jack: Well, then she can sit this one out just to be on the safe side.
Hammond: Agreed. But Colonel, be careful.
Jack: Yes, Sir.

Sam: Hey.
Jonas: How you feeling?
Sam: Slightly overcooked. Janet says I'll be fine.
Jonas: Sam, I'm sorry.
Sam: For what?
Jonas: If I had just kept my mouth shut, you would have gone on the mission. None of this would have happened.
Sam: Jonas...
Jonas: I envisioned it exactly the way it happened, but I didn't understand it. I misinterpreted the vision. I won't make that same mistake again.
Sam: Don't do this to yourself.
Jonas: I've been thinking about this a lot. Now, I've always been hyper-observant. I see details that other people miss. I see patterns. Maybe predicting the future is just an extension of that ability.
Sam: It doesn't work that way. According to Newtonian physics, yes...if you could know the position and velocity of every particle in the universe at any given moment, you could accurately predict all of their interactions for the rest of time.
Jonas: So then, the future is predetermined. It's just a matter of having enough information to figure it out.
Sam: Yes, but quantum mechanics blows that out of the water. According to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, it is impossible to look at a sub-atomic particle and know both where it is and where it's going at the same time. The more accurately you fix its position, the more uncertain you make its velocity and vice versa. The best we can do is calculate probabilities.
Jonas: Okay, so then, I'm seeing probable futures.
Sam: Maybe.
Jonas: Every vision I've had has turned out exactly the way I saw it.
Sam: That doesn't mean they always will, Jonas.

Sam: Jonas, we've been over this. The future isn't predetermined. Now in the absence of any other information, the best we can do is follow normal procedure.
Jonas: Yeah, but if I didn't have this vision, we wouldn't be having this conversation. We're already beyond normal procedure.
Hammond: What do you suggest?
Jonas: We need more information. We need to know how the Jaffa get the iris code. Maybe I can find that out.
Sam: I thought you said you couldn't control the visions.
Jonas: I haven't been trying hard enough...
Janet: No. Jonas, if we don't get you into surgery right now, you could die.
Jonas: I need just a little more time...

Jonas: Not yet...
Sam: What happened?
Janet: We can't wait any longer.
Jonas: Sam... Sam I saw it. I know what's gonna happen.

Jonas: What's happening?
Janet: It's okay, Jonas.
Jonas: What's going on?
Janet: It's okay. Get the Lorazipam. It's okay, Jonas, it's not your problem any more.

Jack: Hey! I thought you were supposed to be resting that brain.
Jonas: Uhh.
Sam: How are you doing?
Jonas: I'm a little sick of staring at these walls all the time, but other than that, I'm fine. Dr. Fraiser thinks they got it all out.
Sam: I read the post-op analysis. It said the tumor was similar to ordinary human brain tissue, but that the neurons were five times more densely packed.
Jonas: Well, Nirrti definitely had to have had something to do with this. I mean, this kind of thing just doesn't happen naturally.
Teal'c: Are you still having visions, Jonas Quinn?
Jonas: Not since the surgery, no.
Jack: So no lottery numbers?
Jonas: Afraid not.
Jack: No trip to Vegas, just you and me?
Jonas: Ah so how's it going on 237?
Teal'c: They are planning a large celebration in our honor.
Sam: They want to thank us for helping them get rid of Mot.
Jack: We're bringing the food this time.
Jonas: That's a good idea.
Janet: All right. Visiting hours are over. Jonas, you need your rest.
Jack: Well get well soon. We need you out there.
Jonas: Yes, Sir.
Jack, Teal'c, and Janet leave. Sam stays behind.
Jonas: Is he feeling all right?
Sam: I knew he'd warm up to you eventually.
Jonas: You know, it is interesting. We changed the way things played out, which would seem to indicate that the future isn't predetermined. But by doing so, we fulfilled an ancient prophecy. A thousand years ago, someone in that village predicted that this would happen. How do you explain that?
Sam: Maybe it was just a lucky guess.

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