Stargate SG-1 6x20 "Memento"

Jonas: How many planets has SG-1 been to?
Teal'c: One hundred and thirty-three.
Jonas: And on each of them, the ones inhabited by humans at least, there has been some indication of their origins, right? I mean temples, ruins...
Teal'c: It is indeed a mystery, Jonas Quinn. A Goa'uld would not bring this many Tau'ri to a new world and not force them to build monuments in his honor.
Jonas: Well, I don't care how hard you try, you can't erase history. Something has to remain. We just need to find it.

Teal'c: We are being watched.
Jonas: The guy half hiding behind the bookshelf? He's been chasing us since we got here. And not very well either.

Jonas: Guys? We'd like to take a little field trip.

Teal'c: Jonas.
Jonas: Think that's the cover stones?
Teal'c: Indeed.

Jonas: Kalfass, you have no idea what you're dealing with here.
Kalfass: I know our ancestors buried this device for a reason...
Jonas: Maybe they were wrong. Maybe it's time for you to stop being afraid of the past.
Kalfass: No, it's not the past I'm concerned about, it's the future. Having assessed our strength, you would undoubtedly return with greater numbers.
Teal'c: You have nothing to fear from the Tau'ri.
Jonas: We just want to fix our ship. Our people can become friends, they can exchange knowledge, even trade. We'll even teach you how to use the Stargate.
Kalfass: Yes. You will teach me how to use it.

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