Stargate SG-1 6x18 "Forsaken"

Jonas: Colonel. Major. You have to see this.
Jack: Okay. You'll have to let us know where you are.
Jonas: Right. Head east.

Jonas: We're peaceful explorers, okay? We didn't come here to harm anybody.
Jack: Unless otherwise provoked.

Reynard: I hate to sound like a hopeless case, but my parents died when I was young, and I've been serving with Captain Corso since I graduated flight school ten years ago. He and Pender, they're like my family. Especially all we've been through. So, tell me more about the Stargate. How does it work exactly?
Jonas: Basically it uses a dimension outside of our known time and space that we call subspace and creates a wormhole that is like a tunnel between two connecting Gates.
Reynard: And how many Stargates are there?
Jonas: There's a lot of them.
Reynard: And there are other humans out there like us?
Jonas: Oh yeah, yeah. Some primitive, some advanced, some non-humans as you're already aware of, some are good, some are bad, some are very bad but all in all it is pretty amazing.
Reynard: Yeah. Sounds like it.

Jonas: Just cataloguing some artifacts we found on P4X 131. It's an alpha-numeric designation we assign to the different planets we go to.
Reynard: They're beautiful.
Jonas: Gold. Love this stuff. Tell you something, the galaxy is full of it.
Reynard: Sorry.
Jonas: It's okay, I don't think that any of its broken. Just caught me off guard.
Reynard: Thought it was obvious.
Jonas: No. What? Huh?
Reynard: How much I wanted to kiss you since we first met.
Jonas: That. Oh right. That's kind of obvious.
Reynard: Look I'm really sorry. If you don't find me attractive…
Jonas: No, look, hey you're attractive. I just, I don't know, we just met, and you're injured, and the thought never really crossed my mind.
Reynard: I hope you don't think this is some kind of savior complex. You know, I fall for the guy who saved my life because I thought you were very cute way before that shot.

Jonas: Carter!

Jonas: You get that address from my lab?
Reynard: Yeah.
Jonas: And everything else you said is…
Reynard: Not everything. You are cute.
Pender: Back off or I'll kill him.
Jonas: Colonel, just let them go.
Jack: Nobody's going anywhere.
Jonas: Really? I'll be fine. It's not worth the risk.

Reynard: You planted the address?
Jonas: Call it intuition.

Hammond: Well done.
Jonas: Thank you, Sir.

Warwick: They're all in transport stasis. Mr Quinn, I never did ask you how you figured out who Reynard really was.
Jonas: Just a feeling really. Although I did come across something interesting while I was researching the name of your ship. There was another ship built by the descendents of the Ancient Celts on Earth. It was called the Ceberus. Coincidentally it was designed specifically to transport convicts to a penal colony. The names were so similar I thought maybe there was some significance in Celtic history and uh...
Teal'c: The meaning of the word never changed.
Jack: Incredible.
Jonas: Well that and I've always been suspicious of a girl who kisses on the first date. What?

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