Stargate SG-1 6x06 "Abyss"

Jonas: Sufficient motive for Kanan... The decision to act came after blending with the mind of Colonel O'Neill.
Sam: At which point, he would have been confronted with every thought and belief that makes the Colonel who he is and be forced to judge himself by that same code of honor.
Jonas: Especially what General Hammond referred to as 'the difference between us and the Tok'ra.'
Sam: We don't leave our people behind.

Sam: I won't argue with that. But it's not without reasoning. I know that's where Colonel O'Neill is.
Teal'c: As do I.
Jonas: We're all in agreement.

Jonas: I still don't understand how destroying the power generators first will help the Colonel.
Teal'c: It will give O'Neill a fighting chance. Nothing more.

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