Stargate SG-1 "Descent"

Jack: What are you smiling at?
Jonas: It's just that it's my first time... in space.

Jonas: Why would he bring me all the way out here if I'm not going to be allowed to contribute anything?
Teal'c: This is your first mission. It may take some time for Colonel O'Neill to gain confidence in your abilities.
Jonas: So it was the same for you?
Teal'c: No. It was not.
Jonas: Oh. You know I heard the rumour I only got this assignment because Colonel O'Neill didn't want a Russian on the team.
Teal'c: Such rumours are meaningless. O'Neill would not have chosen you if he did not believe that you would be an effective member of SG1.
Jonas: Thanks Teal'c. I really appreciate that. I mean those of us originally not from the planet Earth have got to stick together right?
Teal'c: Are you suggesting an alien conspiracy?
Jonas: No. Oh of course. I was warned of your occasional use of humour. You got me. No conspiracy.

Jonas: I should have been with them.
Teal'c: Do you believe you could have prevented this from happening?
Jonas: Maybe. You don't think so?
Teal'c: It was an ambush. I believe your presence would have made little difference.
Jonas: Like on the cargo ship.
Teal'c: You could not have known those Jaffa would ring aboard ship.
Jonas: Yeah. I stood there. You saved my life like Dr. Jackson did on my planet. I didn't do a thing.
Teal'c: It is my understanding that it was largely your idea that led to the disposal of the other Stargate before it could be detonated. You saved the lives of millions.
Jonas: Yeah, that was different. That was an intellectual exercise. I'm talking about what you can do in the heat of the moment when there is no time to think.
Teal'c: One can never be certain until the opportunity presents itself.
Jonas: Well so far my track record is not great.
Teal'c: Perhaps that is so. But there are many battles left to be fought Jonas Quinn.

Jack: Are you smiling?
Jonas: First time in a death glider.

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