Stargate SG-1 5x21 "Meridian"

Jonas: This is incredible. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Jonas Quinn. I'm special advisor to our High Minister.

Sam: He's an advisor to their High Minister.
Jack: Their equivalent to our President.
Sam: As we understand it, Jonas was responsible for overseeing the research from an ethical perspective.
Jack: Yeah, whatever.
Sam: He had several degrees from their most honored institution: social studies, ancient Kelownan history...
Jack: He was a nerd, sir. He and Daniel got along great.

Jonas: I really don't know what was worse - seeing my colleagues die in the manner they did... or seeing the looks of utter glee on our leaders' faces when they were told the potential power of this weapon.

Jonas: I am ashamed. That they would not bring themselves to recognise Doctor Jackson's heroism. He saved millions of lives.

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