Most of the following quotes were compiled by Yamadara.

5x21 "Meridian"
6x01-6x02 "Redemption"
6x03 "Descent"
6x04 "Frozen"
6x05 "Nightwalkers"
6x06 "Abyss"
6x07 "Shadowplay"
6x08 "The Other Guys"
6x09 "Allegiance"
6x10 "The Cure"
6x11 "Prometheus"
6x13 "Sight Unseen"
6x14 "Smoke and Mirrors"
6x15 "Paradise Lost"
6x16 "Metamorphosis"
6x18 "Forsaken"
6x19 "The Changeling"
6x20 "Memento"
6x21 "Prophecy"
6x22 "Full Circle"

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