Divide and Conquer
Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1 is a science fiction television series based on the movie Stargate. It ran for 10 seasons on television and had several spin-off series.

The Stargate is a piece of alien technology discovered in Egypt. It has the ability to transport people across galaxies to other planets. Stargate Command, a classified section of the United States Air Force, is in charge of sending teams through the Stargate to discover alien technology that can help Earth defend itself against enemies (primarily the Goa'uld) and to learn more about alien cultures.

For most of the series, the team SG-1 follows Colonel Jack O'Neill; his 2IC, Major Samantha Carter; the archeologist Dr. Daniel Jackson; the Jaffa, Teal'c.

Divide and Conquer
Original Air Date: 07/28/2000
Written By: Tor Alexander Valenza
Director: Martin Wood

Colonel Jack O'Neill: Richard Dean Anderson
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Michael Shanks
Major Samantha Carter: Amanda Tapping
Teal'c: Christopher Judge
General George Hammond: Don S. Davis
Dr. Janet Frasier: Teryl Rothery

Guest Stars:
Freya/Anise: Vanessa Angel
Martouf/Lantash: JR Bourne
Lieutenant Astor: Kirsten Robek
Supreme High Councillor Per'sus: Andrew Jackson
Major Graham: Phillip Mitchell
The President: Roger Allford

"Divide and Conquer" is the fifth episode in Season 4. SG-1 and another SG team are on the Tok'ra homeworld discussing the formation of an alliance between the Tok'ra and Earth. When the SGC teams meet Per'sus, the Tok'ra Supreme High Councilor, Major Graham goes berserk and tries to kill Per'sus and the other Tok'ra. Before SG-1 can stop him, Graham, clearly unable to control his own body, kills himself.

While Freya believes Graham was a za'tarc- an assassin unknowingly programmed by the Goa'uld, and whose program is only triggered by auditory or visual cues. Whether the assassin succeeds or not, he then kills himself. According to Freya's theory, a za'tarc can be programmed within a few moments. To hide the programming, the Goa'uld cover over it with a false memory. Unfortunately, Freya knows little about else, and the Tok'ra High Council doesn't believe her anyway.

However, Freya says she has developed a machine (a combination of other technology) which she says can detect Za'tarcs by comparing a person's conscious memory with his unconscious one. Inconsistencies between the conscious and unconscious signify a liar or a Za'tarc. The machine, though, cannot detect a Za'tarc's mission, only that a person is a Za'tarc.

The SGC and the Tok'ra realize that the Goa'uld are aware of the alliance formation. Because the US President will meet with Per'sus to formalize the alliance, he is a likely second target. Freya uses the machine to test the rest of Major Graham's team. Lt. Astor is discovered to be a Za'tarc, but when Freya tries to remove the programming using an experimental procedure, Astor goes berserk before it's completed and kills herself.

The rest of the SGC is tested. SG-1 are required to recount their mission from "Upgrades," episode 4x03. But when Carter and O'Neill are tested, the Za'tarc machine says that they are Za'tarcs...

"Divide and Conquer" is pretty pivotal for several reasons, the two main ones being that O'Neill and Carter finally admit their romantic feelings for each other (not by choice, of course), and that Martouf, the Tok'ra who was Jolinar's lover and Sam's friend, is killed.

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