Extras - Sam's Love Interests

This is an alphebetized list of all the various love interests Sam has had over the years.

Warning! This section contains spoilers on the events with each man and their outcomes of their relationship with Sam. Don't read if you don't want to know!

Joe Faxon
Joe Faxon - An ambassador for the US to alien species, Joe appeared in two episodes: 2010 and 2001. While technically speaking Sam and Joe never had a relationship, as the timeline in 2010 where they were married was erased, they did seem to hit it off when they met again (for the first time) in 2001. Obviously Sam and Joe had a connection, one that never got to be explored in our timeline. Poor Joe sacrificed himself so Sam could go back to the SGC and warn everyone about the bomb coming through the stargate from the Aschen, those evil dudes who wanted to slowly kill the population of Earth. While we're not totally sure if Joe was killed or not, we'll certainly never see him again, as he was marooned on a planet that the SGC will never visit again.

Jonas Hanson
Jonas Hanson - A Captain in the Air Force, Jonas and Sam were once engaged, believe it or not. It obviously didn't work out, and they split up sometime before either of them came onto Stargate Command. We met him in The First Commandment, where Hanson lost it ('it' being his sanity) and started playing God on a planet with a less advanced people. Sam referred to him as being "the lunatic fringe" and said he liked to be in control. When Daniel asked what she saw in him, she said he was charming. Also, he apparently didn't take it well when Sam broke off their engagement. Obviously Hanson didn't fit in too well with the sane crowd. He is confirmed dead, having been thrown into an open wormhole to Earth without anyone sending through a GDO code to open the iris.

Martouf/Lantash - Martouf is a human who became a Tok'ra quite a long time ago (at least 100 years), with Lantash as his symbiote. Martouf and Sam had many encounters, and formed a very close bond during the time they knew each other. While a romance never blossomed in the time they had together, it was obvious there was some intense feelings on both side. While most interactions were between Martouf (not Lantash) and Sam, I included Lantash, because of the occurance in Last Stand; after Martouf died, the Tok'ra were able to save Lantash, who was forced to enter Lt Elliot when the Goa'uld attacked the Tok'ra base. After he entered Lt Elliot, Elliot told Sam that Lantash loved Sam, as much as he had loved Jolinar. Elliot/Lantash then stayed behind on an alien planet to sacrifice themselves to release a poison to kill as many Jaffa as possible so SG-1 and Jacob Carter could escape through the stargate. So sad. :(

Narim - One of the Tollan that SG-1 rescued in the episode Enigma off of their home planet, which was being destroyed by volcanic activity. Narim had a crush on Sam from the first instant of their meeting, where he thought she was an angel come to take him to heaven (or the Tollan equivalent, anyway). Sam liked Narim a lot, and even gave him her cat, Schroedinger; however, she never fully reciprocated his feelings, as she got caught up with Jolinar and her feelings for Martouf, and didn't want to confuse herself further by allowing something to happen between herself and Narim. However, she did care for Narim quite a lot, and was crushed when Tollana was attacked by the Goa'uld and Narim stayed behind to fight with his people. While he hasn't been comfirmed dead, the SGC has been unable to make contact with Tollana since then, and their world is presumed destroyed.

Col Jack O'Neill
Col Jack O'Neill - Definately the longest lasting and most complicated relationship Sam has had to date. Sam and Jack are head over heels in love with each other; working together day in and day out, saving each other's lives as well as sharing each other's lives, has lead to a great relationship of respect and caring. They admitted their feelings once and for all in Divide and Conquer, but are unable to act on anything at this point in time, as they work on the same team and don't want to jeopardize their relationship or their lives, or anyone else's. Despite the fact that they are unable to have a romantic relationship, their enduring friendship and working relationship carries on. They have even finally fished together. :)

Orlin - An enigmatic "Other", Orlin is one of the ascended beings who became human for a short while. After Orlin broke the rules set by the Others, they banished him to live forever on a wasteland of a planet that was destroyed thanks to his interference. SG-1 were exploring this planet, Velona, when Orlin spotted Sam and tried to "share" himself with her. She was knocked out, but Orlin got a glimpse of Sam's life, and fell totally in love with her. Despite a rocky beginning, Orlin and Sam began to bond, particularly after Orlin de-scended to become human, just for Sam. Their relationship was short, and even though they never so much as kissed, it was a very sweet relationship. Unfortunately, Orlin sacrificed himself to save the planet Earth from themselves, and in the process, the Others forgave him and helped him ascend again. Presumably, he's still ascended up there some where, and I like to think he occasionally stops back in on Sam's life now and again to watch over her. :)

Detective Pete Shanahan
Det Pete Shanahan - A detective from Boulder, he and Sam carried on a relationship for quite some time. It was mostly normal, and Pete fell very much in love with Sam. He asked her to marry her, and after some thought, she accepted. However, soon Sam began having second thoughts. Pete bought them a house, and after the events in the episode Threads, Sam broke it off with Pete. Pete took it kind of badly, but Sam couldn't very well marry him when she knew she had feelings for someone else. :)