Extras - Sam's Ever-changing Hair

This is a showcase of all the other hairstyles that we've seen on Sam over the years. This list is in somewhat chronological order, with alternate universe hairdos at the bottom. It covers up until the end of Season 8.

The Early Season Cut

The Early Season Cut - Sam wore this hairstyle for most of seasons 1 and 2, with slight variations. Sometimes it was a little longer and shaggier, sometimes it was a little shorter and smoother.

The Season 3 Cut

The Season 3 Cut - This is a variation on the Early Season Cut, only longer and shaggier. Occasionally it was styled differently than in this picture, but for most of season 3, Sam wore this longer version of her first haircut. Which of course made way for..

The Bob

The Bob - Ahh, The Bob! My second favorite Sam hair. :) This was worn during the first half of season 4. Long and always somewhat mussy in that incredibly cute sort of way, it was the start of Sam's experimentation with long locks. Unfortunately, we saw the last of this style in Scorched Earth. :) RIP, Bob!

The Uberlong WoO Cut

The Uberlong WoO Cut - This style made a brief appearance in season 4's Window of Opportunity, which was in the middle of the Bob era. Despite the fact that some military regulation keeper must have got on her case to cut it back to the Bob, we love it because it's the longest style of hair we've seen on our heroine, without her being from an alternate universe. ;)

The Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut - Ahh! The Pixie! My third favorite Sam hairstyle. :) Short, functional, and spunky, Sam kept this hairstyle for the rest of season 4, season 5, and season 6. Although it often varied in length and style, including occasionally almost reaching Early Season and Season 3 length, Sam kept this short 'do for a very, very long time. And she kicked ass the whole time.

The Season 7 Shag

The Season 7 Shag - Finally, we've reached my favorite Sam hairstyle! The Season 7 Shag is new and different. Sam's obviously trying something a little kookier this season, but we love it, don't we? :) It's crazy, it's fun, and it's cute as hell! Perfect for kicking some Goa'uld's ass on an offworld mission, while driving all the boys crazy back home on Earth. You go, Sam. :)

The Tame Season 7 Shag

The Tame Season 7 Shag - As the title suggests, basically the same hairstyle as the Season 7 Shag, but a bit tamer; Sam starts laying off the hair gel a bit partway through season 7, and this is the result. Still adorable, in my opinion. She wears this kind of cut so well!

The Season 8 Shag

The Season 8 Shag - If we wanted to get technical, we could probably call this one The Tame Tame Season 7 Shag, but I chose to call it the Season 8 Shag because she shows up in the seaosn 8 premiere with this one and keeps it through the whole season. It's like the previous shag, but much much softer. She starts tucking her hair behind her ears this season, and it grows out just a tad by the end of the season.


AU #1 - TBFTGOG Cut - This is our first Alternate Universe hairstyle, from There But For The Grace of God. This is the first time we saw Sam with such a drastically different hairstyle. It's long and not meant for the military, but isn't it cute?

AU #2 - POV Cut

AU #2 - PoV Cut - This is our second Alternate Universe hairstyle, from Point of View. Again, when presented with an AU!Sam, she's wearing long hair. Obviously, Sam somewhat prefers having a longer style of hair when not in the military. However, this particular cut is somewhat less flattering than AU #1.

AU #3 - Moebius Cut

AU #3 - Moebius Cut - This is the third Alternate Universe hairstyle we've seen on our Sam, from the two-parter Moebius. It's pretty much the same as the Season 8 Shag, but a little longer in the back. But it's one that looks good! On another note, while this has nothing to do with hair, Sam's wearing glasses! And a goofy expression. :) But she's cute still.